HOW DOES IT WORK? Find out your device's value. Just select your device's brand, model, carrier, and condition. This only takes a few seconds! Ship us your device for free. Send your device to us using a free expedited shipping label (sent by email) or shipping kit (sent by mail). Get paid! Choose a payment method: Cheque, E-Transfer, or PayPal. Payments will be sent as soon as we've received and inspected your device(s). 1 2 3 JUST 3 EASY STEPS!


We will recycle a range of Apple and Android phones including:
  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Motorola
  • Sony
  • Huawei
  • Blackberry
We also accept Samsung Tablets, Samsung Watches, iPads and Apple Watches as well. If your device is not listed, contact us at for a quote.
If you do not see your device listed on our website, simply email us at and we'll get you a price.
Due to the market pricing of deviceschanging everyday, your quotation will be valid for 30 days. As long as we receive your devicewithin the 30 day period we will honour your quotation. If we receive your device outside this 30 day window, we will reassess your device at the current market value of the device.
Once you have accepted the quote, you have 2 options to send us your device:
    OPTION 1: You provide the packaging; we'll provide a prepaid printable shipping label (fastest payout time):
    1. Check your email for the prepaid label (make sure to check your spam folder). Print and follow the instructions to apply label to your box.
    2. Wrap your device in protective paper or packaging. Use extra caution for the screen and the battery. Apply tape where necessary.
    3. Place the wrapped device into a box or padded envelope with any accessories and secure.
    4. Drop it off to your nearest Canada Post Box or Office.
    OPTION 2: We provide a free shipping kit and prepaid shipping label (longer payout time).
      If you choose Option 2, you will receive a shipping kit that includes everything you need to send us your device.  A shipping envelope, bubble pouch, and prepaid shipping label will be included - we pay for everything! To prepare your device for shipping please follow these steps:
      1. Place your deviceinto the bubble pouch.
      2. Place your device and any other accessories into the shipping envelope.
      3. Place the prepaid shipping label in the sleeve on the outside of the envelope.
      4. Seal the envelope.
      5. Drop it off at the nearest Canada Post Box or Office.
      When you pack your device, we ask that you include the battery (if external) and any other accessories you wish to recycle. To receive the full payment we only need to receive the device and battery (if external). We will happily recycle any other accessories you wish to include!
      We offer the following methods of payment:
      • Mailed Cheque
      • E-transfer
      • PayPal
      Once we've received and inspected your device, your payment will be issued right away. Devices are typically inspected within 3 business days from the date received. The time it takes to receive your payment varies with the method of payment:
      • Mailed Cheque: 3-7 business days
      • E-transfer: Instant
      • PayPal: Instant
      Want to cancel your order?  Simply email us at and include the following information:
      • Your Name
      • Your Email
      • The Device
      This must be the same information you used to place your original order.
      If we think your device is in better condition than you selected, we will automatically increase your payout. If your phone is in worse shape than selected, we will contact you with a revised quotation which you can accept or decline. If you decline, we'll send your device back at no cost.
      The Find My iPhone function found on Apple devices is used to locate your device if stolen or lost.  In order to be able to recycle the phone and place it in the hands of a new user, this feature needs to be disabled.  We kindly ask that you deactivate iCloud from your device before sending it in.  You can do this by following the steps below:
      1. On your device’s home screen, go to "Settings”
      2. Go to "iCloud" found in "Settings"
      3. Turn the Find My iPhone slider to the OFF position if it is not already. If prompted for a password, enter your iCloud password and tap "Turn Off" to confirm.
      4. In the case that you've already shipped your device or you can't turn your phone on please follow these steps:
      5. Sign in to
      6. Click "Devices" at the top
      7. Find the specific devices you want to deactivate and click on that device
      8. Click the "X" to remove the device from your iCloud account
      We aim to maximize the use of each device we receive. This could either be by recycling the device and using its individual components elsewhere or finding a new user that will make the most of the device.
      No Blacklisted Devices: We don't accept devices that have been blacklisted, which typically happens if a device has been reported lost or stolen, or if there are unpaid bills associated with it.

      No Returns or Payments for Blacklisted Devices: If a blacklisted device is inadvertently sent to us, we cannot return it or make any payments for it.

      Possibility of Reduced Cost Payment: However, there may still be a possibility for you to receive some value from these devices. If you're able to un-blacklist the devices (for instance, by clearing any unpaid bills), we would be happy to reassess their eligibility. If this is the case, please include proof of purchase, settled bill, and un-blacklist status.

      Ready to sell your device?