We love having the latest and greatest technology. Unfortunately, upgrading is expensive with carriers providing low trade in value for our old phones and other devices. This is a problem for consumers.  And so, we set out to solve this by building Switchy.


At Switchy, we work hard to provide consumers across Canada a service to recycle and re-sell their old or broken cell phones, wearables, and tablets.  What makes us different from carriers is we give our customers cash for their devices with guaranteed higher payouts and multiple payment options.  It is our mission to provide our customers an experience with 3 key things: speed, simplicity, and value.


With thousands of devices thrown away each year, there is an increasing amount of harmful chemicals from old batteries that destroy our environment. Our goal is for the Switchy platform to help solve this issue and at the same time provides the consumer top market value for their device.


Our customers' happiness is what matters to us.

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